The patchwork quilt puzzle

The patchwork quilt puzzle

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The girls have embroidered all their names in a beautiful puzzle in the form of patchwork (patchwork quilt) that they will present to their teacher.

Starting in any square and moving frame by frame in any direction, check how many names you can discover. Starting with the letter N, for example, as shown by the lines, can you spell NANCY but only when you find all the remaining ones will you know how many students went to this Puzzlelandia school.

Translator's Note: Since the enigma was originally published in English, all names are in this language. If you find it difficult to find the names in English we propose an alternative game. You must discover which of the proposed names do not appear on the quilt. Click on "Alternative Statement" to display the names to be searched.

Alternative statement

Check which of the following names do not appear in the Patchwork: Jule, Lena, Dinah, Edna, Caren, Maud, Jennie, Minnie, Anna, Carry, Mary, Nan, Nancy, Carol, Jane, Mae, Judy, Hannah and Eva.


The Patchwork puzzle contains the following names: Jule, Lena, Dinah, Edna, Maud, Jennie, Minnie, Anna, Carry, Mary, Nan, Nancy, Jane, Mae, Judy, Hannah and Eva.
Sam forgot to mention Diana.