Clay Kids: education with values ​​for preadolescent audiences

Clay Kids: education with values ​​for preadolescent audiences

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Today we want to introduce you a new animation series with an educational background to promote the values ​​of equality, solidarity, teamwork, positive thinking, etc. focused on the pre-adolescent public between 8 and 12 years old.

Clay kids It is an animated series consisting of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, which tells the adventures of seven children very different from each other, who are joined by a healthy sense of irreverent humor and wisdom born in their urban adventures. They have an easy time getting into trouble with parents, teachers and even among themselves, but in their world almost everything is possible and technology and even magic can provide solutions ... or make things worse.

Clay Kids is the first animated series that incorporates, as a protagonist, a disabled child who travels in a wheelchair. This is a character very respected by his teammates who are treated as one of the gang. Scripts often refer to issues related to accessibility. The series is about friendship between different people, where characters of different races, social conditions and personal characteristics, live day by day without these differences interfering with their friendship.

It presents a concept of sitcom that enters the universe of the kids of today, where social networks, video games and mobile devices have great prominence. Music is also a fundamental element in Clay Kids. The Flippy and Motor characters form a Hip Hop group that stars in video clips in which the rest of the characters with fun choreographies participate.

Although the main objective of Clay Kids is entertainment, the stories it deals with have a background related to important themes of the preteen:

  1. Inclusion of people with disabilities
  2. Promotion of equality and non-exclusion values.
  3. Learning in the responsible use of new technologies.
  4. Teaching in the use of social networks highlighting the positive and negative aspects that it entails.
  5. Promotion of solidarity and companionship as essential values ​​for community life.
  6. Defense of environmental values ​​for the sustainability of the planet.
  7. Promotion of cultural values ​​through different disciplines (music, audiovisual ...)

The architects of this interesting project are Javier Tostado, creator of Clay Kids and his team.

Here you have a sample so you can enjoy them. In this episode they discuss the importance of teamwork, Do not miss it!


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