Interview with María Fer, an example of self-improvement

Interview with María Fer, an example of self-improvement

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María Ferrando, María Fer for friends, is a psychologist by profession and by heart, specialized in Eating disorder, a woman fighter in every way, with an intense and sometimes devastating life trajectory, but which she has managed to overcome with great determination and courage all the obstacles that life has put ahead.

Maria has given us this interesting interview that we hope serve as inspiration and help both mental health professionals and people who are going through difficult processes, or have friends and family who suffer from such disorders. Thanks Maria!

1. Hello Maria, I am delighted to be able to do this interview so that our readers can get to know you and your work in social networks better. First of all I wanted to ask you, what motivated you to study the career of Psychology?

It is also a pleasure to be with you. I think that the fact of being able to help others comes to me as a child. I think I learned it from my grandmother. She was in the traumatology plant of the faith in Valencia as a patient and help especially listening to young people who suffered accidents and could no longer walk. His new displacements were with a wheelchair. And this influenced me a lot to be able to help people. Above all listen.

2. I know that you have had very complicated life experiences that have marked you deeply. Do you want to briefly explain something about your story?

If there is no problem, I would not like to be a hero after what I will explain. I am another survivor in a world of struggle and daily improvement. Since I was nine years old, I suffer from anorexia (I have only one month left before I can be discharged. Finally). I have lived four deaths of my roommates. I have experienced the suffering and pain of this cruel hard disease in which there is no solution because in a 21st century it is considered madness. A discrimination towards the person and the worst of all a brutal ignorance of both journalistic and family media and even professionals I can tell you the case of a nurse from a hospital here in Barcelona in which one day eating in the hospital commented that we were a huge expense to Social Security. As there are also professionals in whom you already have enough pain you have to say that it is the fault of a family member when it is really a lack of self-esteem. Of a possible duel of a relative. Of a bullying at school. Of a requirement of personality. And of a menopause. I also suffered a duel twelve years ago due to medical malpractice of my children. Sincerely losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to you in this life.

3. How do you think these events have helped you grow as a person and value the things in life?

Fighting and overcoming it every day. I am a fan of music, thanks to her we could say I have healed. There is a song by Pedro in which he says DO NOT RESIST EVER. And that is my daily motto. Another part is also people who understand the disorder and their love and support. The embrace of an ex-politician Pilar Rahola in which he wrote about my UNUSUAL SOULS OF LIGHT for 2009 at the forefront. The fact of having people around you who love you despite your bad mood. The fact that people make you feel special. Fill a lot. Although it is not easy because I have taken years to feel that human warmth of people. Especially of two lovely friends who for me are my guardian angels here in Barcelona: Silvia and Paola. Thanks to them I am here.

4. Within the field of Psychology, what do you like most or what are you most passionate about working with?

What I like the most and I am passionate about is seeing the light of people when they are healing after a time of fighting and crying discouragement and that of reaching more than once to throw in the towel and take your life but that hope is there. It is hard to find her. In psychology I at least what is eating disorder is where I enjoy most. I have been able to them too, although there are times when it saddens you because you see that it still costs them and you have helplessness but when, like them in the first phase, it was also very closed. I also love people who suffer Alzheimer's That fight that you have to, despite all the circumstances of oblivion, always brings you a smile. There are doctors who say they do not suffer but it is not true they suffer and pain is very close for everyone.

5. As a psychology professional and a person sensitized to suffering from mental disorders, what do you think social networks can contribute to users?

Above all, I think the first thing would be to remove pages in which you compete on how you can vomit more times. And like this page others. The excitement to lose weight for the good weather. I really like social networks especially Facebook There are pages and psychology groups that talk a lot about the subject but…. Sometimes they earn more pages that talk about losing weight than helping. Yes, you can help people via Facebook about this disorder and advise family members as well, but above all there must be an acceptance of the patient with the professional because if there is not it can be very extreme deception and even the death of the patient. I always advise to get good advice from the doctor or professional and if a month there is no change change to another doctor. The patient's life may be in danger.

6. What future plans do you have for yourself? Interests, projects, ...

One of them is to write a book I am between self-esteem and my experience with anorexia. Another project and is close is to establish a partnership with a therapist to help people who have a mental health problem. In which once a week we can meet and talk also especially listen and not feel marginalized by this society. That there is still the funny person who laughs at your problem. I already have the name of the association: IN YOUR HAND IS YOUR HEART. In which I want to tell you that you are invited.

7. Finally, if you had not dedicated yourself to psychology, what would you have done that also seems interesting to you?

I like it very much right, it must be because I was a security guard and lived many things. How to be with children in need on Kings Day. Like in a hospital. How to see children rejected by society for being marginalized or because the father has been in jail when the truth is wholeheartedly…. And another profession was journalism going out and seeing me in Save Me (TV show 5) ...

I want to thank Marta for giving me this opportunity and to the people who suffer I want to tell you that no tears erase your smile. That there is always a light in which OS will illuminate sooner or later in this life. A hug to all readers.