Willpower and success in life

Willpower and success in life

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In this article we will talk about the importance of willpower when it comes to achieving success in life. And, although sometimes it may seem that success is only available to a few, it is true that willpower is essential to achieve what we propose.


  • 1 First of all ... What is success?
  • 2 Is willpower necessary to succeed in life?
  • 3 Is willpower enough?
  • 4 Are they the forces of the universe or is it you?

First of all ... What is success?

If we are going to talk about success, perhaps the first thing we should do is define it. And, the truth is not easy. Probably, There are as many definitions of success as there are people in the world.

For some, success can be starting a family. For others, it may be the recognition of others. For this one here, it can be writing a book. For the one there, set up a billion dollar company.

The truth, no definition is right and none is wrong, because success, in the end, is something subjective (although it depends on how others see us). I personally, I am left with a definition that I did not hear from any psychologist, but from Risto Mejide:

                “The success is that the people you admire recognize your achievements and be proud of you”.

Generally, the people we admire can be located at various levels: We have our relatives, especially father and mother; then we have friends and acquaintances; then we have unknown people, but they are referents ...

To get recognition from a mother or father, for example, it may be enough to get a career, a good job and start a family. However, to obtain recognition from those people who are referents, We may have to do something more complicated.

Usually, those achievements necessary to get our referents to recognize us, are what, popularly, we call success. For example, it is likely that if you want the recognition of a famous writer, you get it after becoming a successful writer.

Before moving on to the following sections, one last topic remains: Is the validation of others necessary to obtain success? Each person is a world, but, In general yes, it is necessary.

If a person considers that they are successful without being recognized Maybe you just don't need or want success.

Is willpower necessary to succeed in life?

Obviously, yes. Willpower is essential to achieve the things that one proposes, be setting up a company or dieting. Without willpower, at the slightest difficulty, the project will be abandoned.

And success implies difficulty, if not, it would have no merit. That is why we admire those who have succeeded: They have been able to overcome the difficulties and have pushed forward with what they had proposed.

Is it enough with willpower?

Obviously not. And this is something that must be said, because, for some time now, the idea that anyone can undertake, that anyone can do anything, and that, with sufficient effort, things are achieved has become popular.

This is not true. To be a good soccer player you don't need only willpower and good predisposition. There are people who have better genetic and environmental conditions for certain things, and people who have them for other things.

However, this should not mean that you stop trying because “I have no ability to succeed" What it means is that you cannot succeed in anything just with effort.

But you can succeed. All you need is locate what you are good at, and then spend hours and think about how to develop that skill. This is how success is achieved.

Think of Paco de Lucía: Probably nobody has had more talent to play the guitar than he. And yet He practiced 8, 12, 14 hours a day every day from when he was 10 until he died.

Are they the forces of the universe or is it you?

No. When you want something with all your strength the universe does not conspire to make it happen. The universe doesn't care what you want.

This might seem like something bad or negative. It may make you feel weak when trying to meet your goals. But it should be the other way around. I should be liberating: The universe is not going to help you, destiny is not preparing you for a fantastic future just because you want something.

The only way to get what you want is to work and have willpower. Without it, you will not be able to achieve your goals. So be glad that you don't depend on destiny or the Universe, but only on yourself.

The willpower is essential to succeed in life. We hope this information will help you take your life with more desire and set ambitious goals. If you are constant and have your goal clear, you can reach it.

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