What is Gestalt Massage?

What is Gestalt Massage?

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What is the Gestalt massage?

As its own name indicates the Gestalt massage It originated in the famous and called Gestalt Therapy, which was developed at the Esalen Institute over there in the 60s.

We could explain what it consists of briefly as a sequence of movements at an extensive level, in a globalized as well as integral manner.

Gestalt massage indications

The Gestalt massage It is especially indicated for people who suffer a period of mourning or a break. In other words, this massage is intended to fight against stress and fatigue that sometimes stalks us so much. Therefore we talk about people in depressive states especially.

Taking into account this type of massage would also be counted on with the help of psychotherapy professionals as well as psychologists, therapists at the body level, etc ... We can say to understand this technique that during the processes to perform it its effectiveness has been demonstrated, as we say with the Help also from these professionals.

We will take as a basis the awareness of the body and the contact with the person who will receive it.

Normally a person when going to do a massage, in fact many times it is to relax evidently but this type of massage goes beyond because the person will become aware through contact. Therefore, we must bear in mind that this massage can obtain emotional results, that is ... sadness, joy and that is where the professional will act holding the person as well as accompanying him in the process.

It is really exciting if we look at it from the emotional point of view as well as therapeutically and also with good results. And it is that sometimes we not only need a massage but to be heard and understood, that is to say accompanied and that better than from the hands of these qualified professionals for such an act.

David Alvarez