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75 famous phrases by Jorge Bucay

75 famous phrases by Jorge Bucay

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Jorge Bucay He is a famous psychologist, of the Gestalt current and psychodramatist, as well as a writer, of Argentine origin. Do not miss these beautiful phrases of Jorge Bucay to inspire and dream you.

Famous phrases of Jorge Bucay

You choose where and you decide how long, because your path is a matter exclusively yours.

Let me fend for myself. If you do everything for me, I can never learn. In case you forgot it, you only learn from mistakes.

Every time something goes away, it leaves room for what follows.

Because no one can know for you. Nobody can grow up for you. Nobody can search for you. No one can do for you what you yourself must do. Existence does not admit representatives.

I do not like that education according to which you have to fight to overcome others and not to surpass yourself.

If you are in a dead end, do not be silly ... exit where you have entered.

To use psychology to treat our spiritual needs is to ask psychology to take care of what science does not know and does not handle.

The road marks a direction. And an address is much more than a result.

Don't tell me: "I don't have time for nonsense" when I tell you a problem of mine. Or "That doesn't matter. Try to understand and help me."

If to feel proud of ourselves we depend on success, then self-esteem would become a fiction, a simple vanity and achievements only serve to satisfy it.

Do not give me without measure, everything you ask. Sometimes I ask to know how much it is reasonable to take.

To depend on myself I will have to think of myself as the true center of what happens to me.

There is no happiness, and I am sure of that, which can be obtained from escaping, much less from fleeing into the past.

Friends should not be chosen among those who are able to accompany you when you cry; you have to choose them among those who are able to laugh at the same as you laugh.

Being close to the one who knows best makes the one who doesn't know the wisest.

The only fear I would like you to feel in the face of a change is to be unable to change with him; believe yourself tied to the dead, continue with the above, stay the same.

Freedom is to take the risks that I decide to take, as long as I am willing to face the costs of that risk myself

Happiness is the certainty of not feeling lost.

Only if I feel valuable for being the way I am, can I accept myself, can I be authentic, can I be true.

A life that adds up can be the first brick to build a happy life.

Unfortunately I have learned the painful phrase that says: it speaks badly that something remains. There are people who are happy to talk badly about me because they are waiting for me to fall so that I can take up the space I have.

Keep the promises you make, good or bad. If you promise me a prize, give it to me; If it's a penance, hold it.

After walking, there is only one step left, to trust the final result and our abilities, gifts and possibilities.

If one does not make the decisions one has to make, then the crisis is eternalized. And if one is paralyzed, that is a tremendous problem.

Do not die for the other, but live to enjoy together.

When you criticize me, you are actually criticizing the parts of me that are identical to yours. A rock will not irritate me unless it is in my way.

Your memories are now, not there and then.

I am terrified of living with a person who considers me essential in his life, because they are thoughts of manipulation and sinisterness.

When you are patient on a day of rage, you can easily escape from a hundred sad days.

The elaboration of grief means getting in touch with the emptiness that has left the loss of what is not there, assessing its importance and enduring the suffering and frustration caused by its absence.

The true seeker grows and learns, and discovers that he is always primarily responsible for what happens.

Self-respect is defending dignity over the need for approval.

Do not say that you are a loser before reaching the final evaluation.

I want to open my hand and be able to let go of what is not, it does not work, it is not for me and what does not belong to me either.

Growing up without the height makes me lose sight of what is important. And the important thing is life.

For me, violence is a consequence of competition, and competition is a consequence of rivalry and comparison; and rivalry and comparison are a consequence of a culture of consumption in which we are educated to compare ourselves all the time with others.

I want you to have an opinion but without giving me advice.

They also educate us by telling us that it is with effort that things are achieved and that, together with those things, happiness will come. The truth is that I think that is a great lie. A socially accepted lie, universally determined, but a lie at last.

It is by updating and expressing the feelings that the grieving person can feel relieved and released.

When you are in a relationship and you realize that being able to avoid a crumb of suffering, the other does not, it is because everything is over.

Love is joy for the existence of the other.

We are not responsible for emotions, but for what we do with emotions.

Never chase yourself believing that you should feel better. Your times are yours. Remember that the worst enemy in the duel is not loving each other.

In general, psychotherapy addresses the psychological obstacles that stand in the way of what we are looking for and it is assumed that when it is completely effective it ends all of them.

It is your right and obligation to be who you really are. The best thing that can happen is that you become someone authentic.

Difficulties are revealed to us, then, as positive stages of life, since they are the ones that allow us to reach happiness.

I wish you knew things about me that will surely dislike you.

A neurotic person is immature, someone who cannot fully enjoy life, who does not live in the present and someone who fully interrupts their experiential process.

Don't demand that I tell you "why I did it" when I do something that is not right. Sometimes, even I know.

If you forget yourself, others will follow your example, forget you and probably deduce that you do not exist.

No one is more likely to fall into deception than the one for whom the lie fits their desires.

Do not die for the other, but live to enjoy together

If I value myself, I accept, I feel proud of myself, I respect myself, without a doubt the things I do will result in personal growth, and, without a doubt, I will want to overcome myself.

If one says all the time, damn it, it is difficult to cheer up and get out of the crisis.

It all starts with the education we receive, so we should educate otherwise. I don't share that education according to which you are good if you are better than someone, and you are bad if you are worse than others.

When you are wrong about something, admit it will grow the opinion that I have of you and in the way you teach me to also admit my mistakes

The culture of consumption has resulted in an attitude of rivalry and comparison that educates us to confront others.

We must never forget who we are or where we come from, life is spinning and there is the possibility of returning to the same place.

Do not forget that, good or bad, this will also happen.

If to be approved by others it means stop being ourselves, that is too expensive and becomes a meaningless search.

Do not yell at me. I respect you less when you do it, and you teach me to shout at me too, and I don't want to lose respect for either of you.

Making love implies a connection with love that doesn't happen all the time, not even between two people who love each other.

Happiness is attainable when one does not fall into the stupid idea of ​​believing that in order to be happy it is necessary to smile all day.

We record in our memory, I can not and never can. We have lived having that message that we imposed and never tried again.

Don't always be giving orders. If instead of orders, sometimes you would ask me for things, I would do it faster and with more pleasure.

You have to love each other with your eyes open.

It is me and you are you. I am not in this world to meet absolutely all your expectations and you are not to meet mine. When you and I meet it is really beautiful. But when we meet, we don't meet, there is nothing to do.

I do not believe in the achievements that are achieved from the effort. I do believe in the choice of a path, if I believe in the directions that I notice.

Every thing I do and every thing I decide to stop doing, is motivated by a desire, whether I can identify it or not

Letting go of what we love costs and it also hurts to feel that we are not loved but in pain we grow, mature and if we learn to let go of a part of our own history we open ourselves to the different and unknown.

I don't want to obstruct you, I don't want you to be with me because it's me who doesn't let you go.

Absolutely all the fears we have, we have learned, are not innate to the human being. We have learned to be afraid because they have taught us.

Death will come, after all death has a good memory and never forgot anyone.

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