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20 rules to have a good quality of life

20 rules to have a good quality of life

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Tips for a better quality of life

1.- Take a minimum break of 5 to 10 minutes for every 2 hours of work, at the maximum. Repeat these breaks in your daily life and think about yourself, analyzing your attitudes.
2.- LEARN to SAY NO, without feeling guilty, or believe that you hurt someone. Wanting to please everyone is a huge wear.
3.- PLAN your day, but always leave a good space for any unforeseen, aware that not everything depends on you.
4.- FOCUS on just one task at a time. As agile as your mental pictures are, you get tired.
5.- FORGET once and for all that you are indispensable in your work, your home or your usual group. As much as you dislike it, everything walks without your performance, except yourself.
6.- STOP feeling responsible for the pleasure of others. You are not a source of desires, nor the eternal master of ceremony.
7.- ASK FOR HELP whenever necessary, having the good sense to ask the right people.
8 .- SEPARATE the real problems of the imaginary and eliminate them, because they are a waste of time and occupy a precious mental space for more important things.
9.- TRY to discover the pleasure of everyday things like sleeping, eating and walking, without believing that it is the most you can get in life.
10.- AVOID wrapping yourself in anxieties and tensions from others, in regard to anxiety and tension. Wait a bit and then return to dialogue and action.
11.- YOUR FAMILY IS NOT YOU, is next to you, composes your world, but it is not your own identity.
12.- UNDERSTAND what inflexible principles and convictions can be a great weight to avoid movement and search.
13.- IT IS NECESSARY to always have someone whom you can trust and speak openly. It is no use if you are far away.
14.- RECOGNIZES the right time to leave a dinner, get up from the box and leave a meeting. Never lose your sense of the subtle importance of leaving the correct time.
15.- YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW IF THEY TALKED ABOUT YOU, DON'T WORSE WITH THAT MIND. Listen to what they talked about you, with analytical reserve, without believing everything.
16.- COMPETITION in moments of fun, work and life between couples, is ideal for those who want to get tired or lose the best part.
17.- RIGIDITY is good in stones but not in human beings.
18.- IMMENSE PLEASURE replaces, with peace of mind, three hours of lost sleep. Pleasure is more rewarding than sleep. Therefore, do not miss a good opportunity to have fun.
19.- DO NOT LEAVE your three great and invaluable friends. Intuition, Innocence and Faith.
20.- UNDERSTAND once and for all, definitely and in conclusion: YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO OF YOURSELF.